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20 September 2006 @ 08:40 am
Mod Post -- Game Rules/Ideas/Whatever you want to call them. *g*  
I wanted to do a mod/welcome post now that we have everyone situated and invited. If you haven’t joined the community yet, everyone should have invitations waiting here . *g* Normally, I wouldn’t bother being so formal as to have an OOC community, but I figured since we don’t all have AIM and aren’t all on at the same time, it would be a good place to coordinate.

Community Rules (such as they are?)/Premise/How I see this going

1. Posting to sons_of_ipswich is available to all players. Storyline posts should go in the community. You can make them open to anyone or tag another player specifically with a “For Caleb” or “For Kate” or just “Open” or “For anyone” or however you want to designate it.

2. Posts in community should be in semi-timeline order, but if you want to go back and play something, just put “Backdated to whenever it is” in the subject line so we all have an idea of what’s happening when.

3. There will be some big plot points/arcs that involve everyone (i.e. Pogue wants to throw Caleb a birthday rave b/c he missed the Fall Fest dance on his b-day), but participation isn’t mandatory if you’re swamped at work or out of town or whatever. Mostly, that’s what the ooc comm. is for—organizing what we want to do when with everyone. Otherwise, the premise is mainly “start from when movie ended and see where these characters go.”

4. Anyone is free to propose any idea for things they’d like to do/plot. Your moderators are not directing game direction in any one way or the other. We all have things we’d like to do with our characters and I want this to genuinely be a “community” where everyone has equal voice.

5. That said—x-over conversations/cross fandom stuff should go in character personal journals. I’d like to keep the community as organic to the movie as possible. Yes, I know this is odd, because I am the cross-fandom whore girl normally with an OC hooked up with Warren and Wes and Methos married and Surreal leaving the Realms. But I wanted to try something different? *g* I figure personal journals should be just that—a place where the muses post personal stuff, just like if they’re people, the way we do—1st person entries, memes, whatever you’d like. Other muses can rep and they can interact on that level instead of just storyline RP. AU crack you’d like to try? Just ask—I’m sure others are interested, but let’s keep that in the personal journals as well so the community is a sort of coherent, same story the six of us are building together. Talking to Willow or Illyria or Sam or anyone else? Same thing—have AT in personal journals. We’re all on LJ, they’re all on LJ, we find the oddest people sometimes and make good friends. But I don’t want Wesley and Methos showing up to fight demons in Ipswich in the community journal. In Pogue’s or Reid’s or whoever, no worries, yeah? Stories, icons, musings, personal journals are yours, obviously, so do whatever you like there. I know I’ll be posting my fic series in Caleb’s that is completely separate from RP situations. If you are doing that, just make a not “stand alone fic, not affecting RP” or something so if you’re writing another person’s muse in your story, there’s no question of “is this fic, or is it godmodding?”

6. There are no posting requirements. I do ask that people be active, because otherwise the community’s no fun, but I am the first person to say that RL comes first and when the muses aren’t talking to you, the muses aren’t talking to you. For the new people who don’t know—I’m an attorney, working for a Legislature that is about to enter a legislative session, which means I work 6 10-12 hour days a week sometimes and will eventually be working 7 14-16 hour days a week through June. Then I’ll have nothing to do for a year and a half. *g* My job is cool? But we’re at the busy time now, so sometimes Caleb and I will be absent. I’ll let you guys know what’s up, and that’s all I ask in return. If you think you’re not going to be able to post for a couple of weeks or longer, just let us know either with an OOC post in your character journal, or in the ooc community. Trust me, we are experts at working around missing characters. ;)

7. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Muses mess up, they hurt their friends, they do stupid shit, they fight, they scream, they make up. Just talk to your fellow writers, so that the lines stay open there and it’s the muses fighting, not the muns. None of us knows where this is going to go, or what’s going to happen between characters, and with how little we’re given in the movie, we’re all character building a great deal here, so who knows. And that’s part of the fun. But just keep those lines open so no one feels like things went boom behind their backs.

8. Have fun, challenge yourself and enjoy. It’s just a game, and when it’s not fun, something’s wrong.

I’m really excited about this and glad everyone joined in and we were able to fill out the cast so well and so quickly.

As of right now, just so everyone’s caught up—Caleb’s healed the rest of Pogue’s physical injuries, and the two of them are up at the Danvers’ family cabin in New Hampshire: Pogue, because he shouldn’t be healed so fast and it would raise questions at school and Caleb because of his father’s death and needing to adjust to the super-power boost. Evelyn told the school there was a death on her side of the family to get him excused, but both of them—as I’m sure actually all of them do—needed a chance to rest/recuperate. And, err, Jag and I were the only ones playing at the time and needed something to do with them. *g* They’re there through Sunday. Reid and Tyler were invited up. Kate and Sarah should feel free to drive up as well, if you ladies would like and think they would given where they were. I know the boys are missing them and worried about them.

That’s all I can think of right now. Feel free to ask questions and yay! We’re ready to go!

Willowy Megness: Bitches by Raelalawishingwillow on September 20th, 2006 04:26 pm (UTC)
I agree with every last bit of that, and am ALL in!

...and soeaking of work, I am also off to mine. Sorry I could not stay a bit longer and say more.

Thanks for this wonderful place to play!


100% Running With Scissors: callisto squeeviridian on September 20th, 2006 05:50 pm (UTC)
Yes, I agree, keep the community canon but do whatever it is we usually do in our journals otherwise.

(Though Illyria says it will be a cold day in the world of nothing but shrimp before she idly chats with teenage boys. I point out that she gets along well enough with Connor, but she only glares.)

Also! *waves hello to our Kate-mun, who is the only one I don't know, and also to our Sarah-mun, who I dragged over here*
Deadly Lady Nightshadenightshade24 on September 20th, 2006 10:28 pm (UTC)
*waves back spastically because I'm really just a weird young woman with a craving for hot boys in compromising positions. Oh and het. Am all about the het too, but it's just that the boys are so very pretty.*

Ahem. Yes. I'm Nightshade. Or Rashida. Whichever you prefer. I also go by "Ray-Ray". LOL

I'm excited to be playing Kate as I've already been pestering the mods with tons of questions. Hope you all don't hate me! *sheepish grin*

Nice to meet the rest of you as well. :)
Brialadyofbrileith on September 20th, 2006 11:11 pm (UTC)
*g* as we tend to call Raymond Watts Ray-Ray, that might get confusing. ;) Just a heads up re: discussions in mine and Jag's journal where the name comes up. lol

And I love questions! You helped me clarify stuff in my head. Was good!
hollow futility: amusedcanadabear on September 20th, 2006 11:01 pm (UTC)
Hi Miche!!!!

Ahaha I've been reading through the journals and stuff already posted and I'm now thoroughly intimidated! Yay me!
Caleb Danverspower_absolute on September 20th, 2006 11:09 pm (UTC)
No intimidation!